Hello, Traveler.
This is the website of NyaightHazard or Nyaight#, NyitBlue.

licensed under CC BY 4.0
This website is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

If you want to use my contents, provide a link of url,
and credit this website or my name (use NyaightHazard then).
Almost elements are provided royalty-free elsewhere,
so check the credit of these on "ABOUT" page.

Web-G rated
This zone is Web-G rated. Acceptable for all ages.
I keep contents clean and (maybe) non-negative.

However, I WARN YOU about two points.

First, I'm not a native English user.
I'm writing texts by mix of self-translate and translator,
so sometimes I do strange or wrong expression.

Second, I said this ZONE is Web-G rated,
means somewhere of this website is NOT...
If you see a similar black sign, be aware. Do you think I hide contents like this? Nope! There is a chance to mention a non-safe topic. I don't create "contents" myself, just talk. Okey?

If you read all and okey with these,
enter the room.